EziWeb Wholesale

Licensed Telecommunications Carrier

We’re building high speed cabled and wireless networks.
Our network is for everyone, regional areas included!

EziWeb Wholesale

Licensed Telecommunications Carrier

EziWeb Wholesale is a wholesale only provider.

Currently focused on regional Queensland, we’re building a high speed wholesale network using fixed wireless and fibre to the basement end user connectivity.

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Want to get connected?

To connect your business or residence, contact a retail service provider on the service providers page.

Wholesale enquiries

To enquire about connecting to the EziWeb Wholesale network, please call us on 07 4191 5430 or use this contact form.

About Us

EziWeb Wholesale, previously known as Pier Alpha Connect, was recently established (early 2017) after much planning to provide high speed internet services. There are many areas with substandard or low quality internet services which are not being addressed.

Head Office

Bundaberg, QLD, Australia


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